Les Vins de Vienne

Les Vins de Vienne is a collaboration of three top producers from the Northern Rhône: François Villard, Yves Cuileron and Pierre Gaillard. It all started with the discovery of old abandoned vineyards near Vienne, 25 kilometers from Lyon. The vineyards lie on the banks of the river, near the famous Condrieu, where the Rhône valley is at its narrowest. The vineyards are situated on steep slopes. Pierre discovered that these vineyards of Vienne were already lavishly praised in ancient times and the Middle Ages, but now they lay abandoned. All three soon had the conviction that wines could be made here that would be among the top of the Rhone. The project was a great success. So great, in fact, that several winemakers in the area, with some of the finest vineyards in the Rhône Valley, have partnered with the three friends. And now Vins de Vienne is making a variety of wines throughout the Rhone Valley.