Our story

"Wine is our passion and hospitality runs through our blood."

In the spring of 2015, we started D-Vine with a laptop at a table in the pub. The idea: a wine import/wholesale business that puts the hospitality industry first. By now we have progressed so much that a wine store & course location can be found at KNSM-laan 293 in Amsterdam. Here we are surrounded by all the beautiful things wine has to offer and we can receive our customers to show them our assortment and we offer wine courses at different levels.

The portfolio consists partly of our own imports, but we also collaborate with other strong importers. Whether it's classics from renowned wineries or raw gems from lesser known producers. Honestly made wines produced with love and craftsmanship is what connects the wines.

In addition, the focus is on sharing knowledge. We do this with the D-Vine Academy where we offer a variety of training and courses.