Tequila Clase Azul Ultra

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Clase Azul Ultra is the crown jewel of the portfolio: a unique tequila and decanter exclusive to collectors around the world.
The journey of Clase Azul Ultra takes nearly 14 years. For five of those years, the tequila matures in Spanish barrels, which previously held sherry.

Color: Dark Amber color with copper glints.

Body: Powerful.

Aroma: Sherry, plum, apricot, cherry, Maple syrup, hazelnut and intense wood flavors.

Flavor: Plum, cinnamon, caramel cream, vanilla and sugared ginger.

Pairing: Perentartelette and chocolate truffles with orange

Handmade and decorated, in the most complex yet delicate way, by the artisans of Clase Azul. The decorations include three precious metals: platinum, a silver medallion and and 24k gold labelA
must-have for collectors.