Tequila Clase Azul Añejo

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Clase Azul Añejo is proof that the best things in life take time. Its flavor and decant are a tribute to the native Mazahua culture. The intense amber tequila is complex and aromatic - the result of an amazing 25-month journey in bourbon barrels.
Clase Azul Añejo combines art, history and tequila of the highest order: An expression that honors Mexican culture.

Color: Amber in color with copper glints.

Body: Full-bodied.

Aroma: Toffee, cinnamon, clove, toasted hazelnut, vanilla, orange marmalade, quince and toasted oak

Flavor: Nutmeg, clove, orange marmalade and toasted oak ending in a silky smooth finish.

Pairing: Pork or duck paired with fruit reduction, earthy and creamy cheeses or a chocolate dessert.

The splendor of the decanter tells the story of its origin. At the bottom, the spiral embossed on raw clay symbolizes the Earth its fertility. The thin blue line represents water, which nourishes the agave. In the center, the "piña" represents the heart and soul of tequila. On the back is the traditional four-leafed flower - a symbol of the Sun and its fullness in time and space, within the Mazahua culture. Finally, a 24K gold spring design of the Clase Azul Family