Service team wine training


Train your service team in wine and gastronomy.


D-Vine has designed this Basic Wine and Gastronomy Training specifically for hospitality teams looking to enhance their wine expertise and service. Our training provides a comprehensive understanding of the world of wine, from the artisanal process of winemaking to distinguishing between grapes and wines.

Based on the renowned WSET1 and SDEN2 programs, our training takes it a step further by focussing on the unique needs of hospitality teams, emphasising hospitality, service, upsellling and wine lists. It forms the ideal foundation for further certifications such as WSET2 or SDEN3.

What to expect:

- Learn the art and techniques behind the wine, from vineyard to bottle

- Discover the unique characteristics of various grape varieties in wines

- Refine your tasting skills through engaging tastings, exploring a wide range of wines.

- Experience the magic of wine and food together. Discover which combinations work and don't for your tastebuds.

- Learn how to confidently recommend the perfect wine to your guests and explore strategies for effective upselling.

Final exam: We conclud with an (unofficial) exam to assess how well your team has internalised the acquired knowledge.

The training can take place in your own restaurant/bar, where we can focus on your specific wine list. Or you can choose to hold it at D-Vine in the tasting room, where we have created the perfect environment for wine training.

Are you ready to elevate your team's wine knowledge and service to new heights? Contact us to schedule this training for your team.

Time investment: this training lasts for 2x 3 hours. This can be planned on one day, or over 2 seperate days.

Financial investment: we train you entire team (up to 14 people) for only €1000 excl. VAT. That's less than €75 per person!